CEMA’s Emergency Preparedness Initiative

Chatham County’s Hurricane PrepareAthon Week! All week long, we will focus on daily tasks to help our residents become disaster ready.  Day 1 is all about emergency communications- Severe Weather Warning Day! Are you aware of the communication tools available to ensure the safety of your family? Today, residents are encouraged to learn about these potentially lifesaving alert systems!

v  Text Messages Alerts

v  Social Media

Community Notification System

Emergency Weather Phone App

v  NOAA Weather Radio

Here’s what you can expect for the remainder of the week:

Monday, July 31Severe Weather Warning Day!

Tuesday, August 1 – Preparedness Kit Day

Wednesday, August 2 – Insurance Review Day

Thursday, August 3 – Evacuation Planning Day

Friday, August 4 – Business Preparation Day and the PrepareAthon Telethon Day! The PrepareAthon Telethon is from 6AM to 8PM; people can call and register for the County’s Community Notification System. CEMA staff and volunteers will be in CEMA’s Emergency Operations Center to take calls from residents to help them register or update their information in our Community Notification System. The Telethon number is 912-644-8899.

Follow this link for the full details!


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